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Members helping members

BCRW could not exist without the support of hundreds of volunteers from the BC real estate community. These committed individuals allow BCRW to continue its lifesaving mission – they are located throughout the province, they participate in training sessions, and they share a deep conviction that the volunteer work they do makes a positive impact on both individuals and communities.

Are you interested in supporting us?

We're always looking for compassionate Realtors, Brokers, Property Managers, or other members of our community who see value in connecting with Peers in the real estate profession in order to share their strengths, experience and hope. Consider supporting us as a volunteer if you are a licensed agent or managing broker who has managed to stop small problems from becoming big ones in your own personal life and career, are not in crisis, and are willing to both learn and share, and you find meaning and purpose in providing discreet and confidential support to Peers in the BCRW Peer Support Program.

What do volunteers do?

Volunteers will connect with the BCRW Program Coordinator to help determine the best use of their strengths and experience. Many will be matched with Peers in order to provide personal and professional support. Matches will be made in accordance with the comfort level and experiences of both the Volunteer and the Peer. Volunteers need only to be non-judgmental and empathetic; they will not provide legal, medical, or financial advice. Volunteers and Peers will determine the best means of connecting, and both will understand and respect the principles of confidentiality and boundaries. Volunteers can be a confidential link between the person seeking help and the appropriate helper and will hopefully be a role model for Peers by living a balanced and healthy life.


When can you help?

You can connect with the BCRW Program Coordinator at any time to offer your support. When, where, and how you volunteer your time is your decision and will change as you grow and evolve in the program. Training sessions, workshops, and retreats occur throughout the year and can be reviewed on our Events page. As a Volunteer, you will keep in touch with the Program Coordinator so we can help assess the progress and needs of your Peer and ensure you have access to training and resources.


Why should you help?

Volunteering with BCRW may bring meaning and purpose to your life. If you are a Realtor or Broker recovering from addiction or other personal problems, or if you have a close family member who has dealt with these problems, then volunteering with BCRW can really benefit you. Helping others is empowering and rewarding; you can help others discover they are not alone. You will help promote health and wellbeing in the real estate community.


How can you volunteer?

Please click the button below to apply now. If you have any questions, please connect with the BCRW Program Coordinator by phone ((778) 770-1176 ) or email ( Once you've submitted your online application, the BCRW Program Coordinator will work with you to determine the best use of your strengths and experience, provide resources and the opportunity for further training.

Apply today to help!

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