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Volunteer Guidelines

The BC Realtor Wellbeing Program depends on a network of agents and brokers who give generously of their time to reach out to their peers and colleagues, for its continued success. The BCRW’s volunteer representatives (“Volunteers”) fulfill a number of functions:

  1. Volunteers meet with peers on a strictly confidential basis. Volunteers should treat confidentiality with the same respect as confidentiality you own to a client or principal.

  2. While not asked to be therapists, Volunteers provide one-to-one assistance such as 12-step referral and an attentive ear.

  3. Volunteers have often successfully dealt with life issues and problems and are available to share their experience, strength and hope.

  4. Volunteers will be aware of the resources and options available to aid and support the suffering peer.

  5. Volunteers may be asked to report on the progress of their peer to the Executive Director or other members of the BCRW to ensure the goals of both the Volunteer and peer are being met.

  6. While all persons acting as Volunteers may appear on behalf of their peer as an advocate or witness, the Volunteers may not represent himself/herself to be appearing in the name of the BCRW. Volunteers are not to provide any legal advice to any peer they are supporting.

  7. A Volunteer should not have any employment relationship with a peer they are supporting. Should a Volunteer have any employment relationship with a peer they connected to through BCRW, they must ensure that the peer has another Volunteer to provide ongoing support (this to include a Managing Broker to Agent relationship).

  8. The Volunteer will not portray himself/herself as representing the BCRW unless he/she has received prior authorization from the Executive Director (e.g. presentations/letters of reference).

  9. Volunteers spend their own time to attend ongoing training offered by the BCRW staff on topics that help them in assisting peers.

The BCRW Volunteers receive no remuneration. They donate their time and abilities out of a belief in “Realtors and Brokers helping Realtors and Brokers.” Through their generous efforts, they are able to contribute in a tangible way to improving the real estate profession.

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