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Help a friend

Do you know someone who needs help?

Once we receive two independent calls/referrals about a person who is exhibiting behaviours that are causing concern to others, we approach the person.

Our approach involves presenting information (without identifying the source) to the individual, asking them what’s going on and offering assistance and/or information. This is all done in the strictest of confidence. We base our approach on empathy and compassion. We are non-disciplinary and respectful of each person.

There is a lot of good will amongst members of the BC real estate community. BCRW is not asking you to interfere in anyone’s life or to jeopardize anyone in any way.

We will not contribute in any way to gossip. We’ll provide the individual the opportunity to understand the impression they are making on others and offer information and assistance which can be life-saving.

What happens when I contact BCRW?

We will ask you for some basic information in order to help you access the appropriate services. Our counselling services and support groups are free. Workshops are free or offered at a nominal cost.

BCRW staff are Realtors, Managing Brokers, and Property/ Strata Managers and are trained to provide outreach, education and support. As well, experienced volunteers are available to help and provide ongoing support, as desired. We have worked through our own difficulties and have compassion for the individual in distress.

We are non-judgmental. We do not prejudge or pre-assess the person. We are concerned with observations of behaviours, conduct, and consequences. We work with individuals to help them come up with solutions that work for that individual.

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